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  • Private Chef Services

    Working one on one with you in your home for any and all occasions. Available seven days a week on a custom tailored schedule, this service is best suited for those who need someone to prepare all their meals for them fresh on the spot. No reheating your food, no washing dishes after you're done cooking. This hassle free service allows you to live your life at your own pace, leaving every aspect of culinary experience confidently in our hands so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

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    Meal Delivery

    As frequently or as intermittently as you want, meal delivery allows you to keep your life organized and on schedule. Prepared in our commissary kitchen we will work with you to design a fresh, delicious meal plan best suited to your needs.

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    Weekly Meal Preperation

    For in home preperation of food 2-3 times a week our chefs will shop for groceries, come to your home, and prepare meals according to your unique specifications so that you can spend time on the things that matter most to you. No more worrying about what to make for dinner, or preparing different meals for family members. You'll be able to enjoy your food on your time.

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    Cocktail Parties

    Passed hor d'oeuvres. Craft cocktails. All served by professional creative bartenders and wait staff for your event. 

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    Private Event Chef

    If you like to have your events catered, but need that personal touch, this is just for you. From five to five hundred; execution by our team is flawless. With years of experience from some of the best caterers, you'll rest assured that every detail is custom tailored to your specifications.

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    Take a chef with you on business, vacation, or a weekend get away. Destination event, birthday dinner, mountain vacation, catered picnic in the park; whatever you desire our chefs will design a plan to deliver your dreams in style.

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